Making our creative even more accessible

FS Me, designed and distributed by Fontsmith has set a new benchmark in typographic accessiblilty.

Researched and developed in conjunction with and endorsed by – Mencap, the UK’s leading disability charity. It avoids the usual clichés associated with ‘accessible’ fonts.

It’s not quirky or odd looking, doesn’t resemble the childlike design of fridge magnets or early learning tools and is set to challenge Arial as a new standard in legibility. This is a first by a designer in crafting and care which stands up as a typeface in its own right, as a benchmark in accessibility and is available now for people to use as an everyday tool to assist in the Mencap vision of a world where people with a learning disability are valued equally, listened to and included.

It was designed to exceed government standards for typeface accessibility. Its simple, elegant feel and extensive character set including bespoke Welsh characters provide freedom for scale and creativity. A clean, modern sans serif, warm and friendly, but not too curvy which is crisp and clear and definitely not cold.

That’s why Black Sheep have decided to use FS Me in all of our marketing communications as well as introduce it to our clients when appropriate.

Mencap receives a donation for each font licence purchased.

You can buy FS Me here.

Black Sheep is a creative agency, smack dab in the bleating heart of Cardiff Bay – nothing wooly about that!
Providing strategic and creative thinking: Advertising Campaigns, Branding & Logo Design, Direct-Marketing, Brochures & Graphic Design through to Print Buying to clients in Cardiff, South Wales.


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