Don’t ask us to free pitch anymore!

We’ve been thinking for some time about how we do business and that free pitching our creative ideas against 5-10 other agencies every time a new project comes around is just stupid.

Would you ask an accountant to prepare your annual accounts before deciding on whether to engage their services? You might, but they wouldn’t do it!

Here’s how we plan to do business from now on.
Producing creative ideas for clients requires that we build a relationship with them in order to produce effective communications that deliver against agreed objectives.
So, with that in mind, ‘how can we deliver creativity, blindly in a free pitch situation?’ It’s like waving a flag in the air and expecting the wind to take it- nine times out of ten, there’s no wind.

Our creativity is our currency, so giving it away makes no sense at all! That’s why we’re taking a different approach to winning new business.

If our quote is competitive? Why not just commission us? Then after an initial consultation, where we learn about what it is you want to achieve. We’ll present you with up to three design concepts for the project. If you don’t like them, we’ll do it again and until you do. Or, you can walk away with nothing to pay!

It’s a pretty simple way of working, but may exclude us from working with some clients. But we believe that a client who is serious about their brand communications will understand and respect where we’re going and continue commission Black Sheep for all the right reasons.

Don’t like it? Don’t pay for it!
It’s our guarantee to you!

Just don’t ask us to free pitch anymore.

Jack & Neil


6 responses to “Don’t ask us to free pitch anymore!

  1. Becoming more and more convinced that this is the only reasonable way to do business. Thanks for taking a strong stand!

  2. It is the only way forward if you want a relationship and great creativity! Well done for getting the message across in such a clear creative way.

  3. This guy is the master
    well worth a look and if the whole industry followed his teachings we would all be in a better position – client as well as creative!

  4. I can understand that for small agencies like yours who have had a difficult couple of years that free pitching is financially prohibitive. However I’m an account manager for a large multi-service agency, we have a pitch win rate of just over 1 in 3 which has given us enough new clients and major campaigns to have grown throughout the recession.

  5. Brilliant Black sheep! I couldn’t agree more! As a fellow creative frequently in that pitch situation I have often thought the MD may be better off popping into Asda and buying a £1000 worth of lottery tickets.!!!
    The other issue is….many prospective clients are blinded by subjectivity when judging pitched work . I wish all agencies (including ours) had the guts like you to say no.

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