Selling Wales and the need for a stronger Welsh Brand

In the news this week is the report ‘Selling Wales: The role of agencies in attracting inward investment‘, that we recently designed for Cardiff Business School & Cardiff Business Partnership.
Selling Wales Report Cover
Having been shortlisted for a ‘Best of Welsh Design Award‘ at the Cardiff Design Festival in 2011, for the last report (Cardiff Employee Survey) that we created for them, we were recommissioned December 2011 to produce their latest report for CBP by author Dr Andrew Crawley, a research fellow at Cardiff Business School on the subject of selling Wales.


To see the report, click here and you will be magically transported.


‘Its design style and aesthetic of breaking down the data into bite-size chunks, follows on from our previously designed report, maintaining consistency and tone of voice’.
Neil Asher, Creative Director at Black Sheep. 

‘We love it!’ was the feedback we received from our client, Laura Davies, Director of External Relations at Cardiff Business School.



Find out what BBC Wales had to say about the report and its findings here.
As well as what Cardiff Business School had to say here.


2 responses to “Selling Wales and the need for a stronger Welsh Brand

  1. Love the info-graphics. Its nice to see something that is fresh and serious but nicely stylized, rather than the cheesy info-graphics that seems to all the range at the moment. Makes for an interesting annual report instead of a boring one that can’t be taken seriously.


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