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Managing the Barratt Brand

Black Sheep spent three years managing all the advertising and design requirements for Barratt Homes in Wales, undertaking the regions implementation of a national re-brand. Our brief was to differentiate Barratt developments from the competitors in a saturated property market.

Above: development ‘Welcome to’ leaflets

Above: development ‘Site Plan’ leaflets

Above: development 48 sheet posters

This involved the design and copywriting for individual press advertisements for over 20 developments ensuring consistent, expressive, effective brand communication throughout. This was supported by a comprehensive suite of promotional materials.

The service level agreement in place required the production of a minimum 20 press adverts per week. Our service included design, artwork, copywriting, proofing, media planning and insertion into the publications within four working days.

Here’s how a typical week’s campaign would run:
Monday – We attended weekly strategy meetings every Monday afternoon to agree advertising requirements for the coming week.

Tuesday – Black Sheep prepares a contact report outlining the requirements, specifications, special offers, discounts etc. This is presented no later than 12 noon on Tuesday for approval that afternoon. Media space is booked.

Wednesday – Black Sheep proofs artwork internally before first pdf proofs are supplied to the client by 5pm.

Thursday – Client advises of changes/amends by 12 noon. Amended proofs are returned to client that afternoon.

Friday – Client approves artwork on Friday morning. Black Sheep outputs final artwork and supplies to various publications within their individual copy deadlines.

The campaign did not stop for Bank Holidays! We simply condensed the whole process into three days instead of the usual four.


Directives from Barratt’s Head Office often meant the campaign’s focus was changed entirely on Thursday mornings from what had been agreed in Tuesday’s contact report. However, media deadlines cannot be moved so we re-allocated resources accordingly.

Above & Below: Special offer press insert leaflets

Campaign results (‘06-‘07)
Sales increased by 16%
(an additional £14,240,000 million worth of property)

‘The turnaround time for this is very short and Black Sheep have never let us down.’
Sandra Dixon, Sales and Marketing Director
Barratt Homes South Wales

Other work undertaken includes:
Development branding

Below: Marketing & Showroom Suite design

Above: development ‘Welcome to’ leaflets

Above: Display panels

Above: large format graphic panels

Above: House type brochures

Below: large format outdoor signage


Recently completed 3D Architectural Visualisation

A little known service that we provide to our clients is Technical Illustration and 3D Architectural Visualisation, we have been providing this service to the some of our key customers, including Barratt South Wales for the last 5 years.

Here are a few of our recently completed illustrations.