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Lowering Carmarthenshire’s Carbon Footprint

Late last year, Carmarthenshire County Council asked Black Sheep to develop a brand that would be used to promote a more sustainable way of living in the authority. One which would also improve awareness amongst its staff, allowing the campaign to gain a better momentum in and around the county.

The aim of the Byw Sir Gar / Living Carmarthenshire campaign is to work with 20+ households on a “green streets” type campaign. Building on existing initiatives (eg British Gas Green Streets, low carbon communities projects) they will monitor and evaluate the carbon footprint of 20 houses (over one month initially but with regular follow-ups) to demonstrate how small changes can have a large impact in terms of carbon emissions. Also, to gain maximum community engagement, linking with existing groups, schools, local establishments etc with the aim of helping the community to reduce its footprint and to be more aware of sustainable living. This will be done by promoting the five themes within ‘Making Carmarthenshire a sustainable county’.

Above: Brand Identity and Colour Palette

Above: Q&A Document Front cover

Above: Inside page layouts

The above 6 page questionaire is the first piece of campaign collateral published, which aims to gage the opinion of the community whilst gathering response data on the key issues.
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