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Making our creative even more accessible

FS Me, designed and distributed by Fontsmith has set a new benchmark in typographic accessiblilty.

Researched and developed in conjunction with and endorsed by – Mencap, the UK’s leading disability charity. It avoids the usual clichés associated with ‘accessible’ fonts.

It’s not quirky or odd looking, doesn’t resemble the childlike design of fridge magnets or early learning tools and is set to challenge Arial as a new standard in legibility. This is a first by a designer in crafting and care which stands up as a typeface in its own right, as a benchmark in accessibility and is available now for people to use as an everyday tool to assist in the Mencap vision of a world where people with a learning disability are valued equally, listened to and included.

It was designed to exceed government standards for typeface accessibility. Its simple, elegant feel and extensive character set including bespoke Welsh characters provide freedom for scale and creativity. A clean, modern sans serif, warm and friendly, but not too curvy which is crisp and clear and definitely not cold.

That’s why Black Sheep have decided to use FS Me in all of our marketing communications as well as introduce it to our clients when appropriate.

Mencap receives a donation for each font licence purchased.

You can buy FS Me here.

Black Sheep is a creative agency, smack dab in the bleating heart of Cardiff Bay – nothing wooly about that!
Providing strategic and creative thinking: Advertising Campaigns, Branding & Logo Design, Direct-Marketing, Brochures & Graphic Design through to Print Buying to clients in Cardiff, South Wales.


baa! Black Sheep’s second T-shirt. Now available to buy from

Black Sheep‘s second T-shirt ‘baa!’ is now available to buy from
Available in both Pine & Ketchup.

Buy it now!…. Pleeeeaaase.

Black Sheep is a creative agency, smack dab in the bleating heart of Cardiff Bay – nothing wooly about that!
Providing strategic and creative thinking: Advertising Campaigns, Branding & Logo Design, Direct-Marketing, Brochures & Graphic Design through to Print Buying to clients in Cardiff, South Wales.

it’s called ‘hello!’

Put a smile on the face of a passer by with Black Sheep’s first t-shirt design ‘hello!, available from ‘teepay‘. There are more designs coming over the next few days & weeks, check back for more details. But this one is the first and could be a limited edition.
Buy it now! before its too late.

About teepay

teepay is a place where you can buy, design and make money from T-shirts. We set it up because, like you, we love T-shirts.

We thought it would be great to have a place where anyone in the world can submit a T-shirt design that they would like to wear. The teepay communitee can then browse through the submissions and place an order for their favourite designs. If within 14 days a design gets over green print quantity, then it gets printed and sold in our online store (a sort of design democracy, if you like). The designer is then entitled to a percentage of the money from sales of his or her design. If your design gets is under green print quantity by the 14th day we will grant your design an additional bonus of 7 days just to give you a bit more of a chance.

All designs are printed on 100% organic cotton T-shirts and cost £25 for mens and £20 for womens.

Neil is back in the building!

After 13 weeks away due to a prolapsed disc and seeing who consultant advised that I needed a Decompression Discectomy (lumbar), which is the removal of the herniated part of the disc and bone, relieving pressure on the nerve root and therefore decreasing pain and dysfunction.

I’m now 7 weeks post-op and back in the pen  at Black Sheep and ready for action! Big thanks to my surgeon Paul Rhys Davies for his amazing work, Vale Healthcare in Cardiff Bay and all at Spire Hospital in Cardiff Gate who helped in my recovery.

Thank goodness for private health care as I’d still be waiting in pain.

BAFTA Cymru 2009 Awards : an 18th birthday to remember

It was a celebration to remember, the 2009, 18th Bafta Cymru awards, held at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff on Sunday night proved to be their biggest and best show to-date, with appearances from Hollywood star Matthew Rhys of Brothers & Sisters, Port Talbot star Micheal Sheen of Frost Nixon and Siân Phillips award winner Ruth Jones of Gavin & Stacy, for outstanding achievement. The evening was compared by Gethin Jenkins, previously of Blue Peter & Strictly Come Dancing for a second year running, which saw the BBC taking 11 Gongs, notably Russel T Davies taking home the Best Screen Writer award for Dr Who and S4C taking home 14 awards on the night.

This years event was our 10th, working in partnership Bafta Cymru. We delivered their visual communications for the event, including invitaions, event programmes, menus, photographic backdrops and exhibition materials all of which conveyed their celebratory 18th birthday theme.

Event Tickets (4 in total)
As usual we were in attendance and did our best to enjoy the evening by meeting as many celebs as possible, our girls met Rhys & Eggsy from the GLC (and get a mention on their Blog) and Matthew Rhys kissing my wife Sara, topped the evening off.

We’re also delighted to have once again sponsored the category of ‘Best Youth Programme’, won this year by S4C‘s ‘Uned Pimp‘ – our sincere congratulations go out to the team on a well deserved win.

Twittering away and….

So I’ve been twittering away over the past few days and to my complete surprise I get an email notification that we’re been followed, a follower for my random ramblings then I look at the profile pic and info…. Check it out.

No pressure eh! He is following 3594 other twits.

Black Sheep bleatings & tweetings from the pen

We’ve finally joined all you twitterers out there! If somewhat still getting to grips with it, mostly through my iPhone, using TwitterFon & Twitterific (Not sure which one I’m going to settle with yet!)
So if you’d like to get a by the minute, blow by blow account of the really random and irrelevant thoughts and ramblings from the pen.

Then follow the flock @blacksheepwales

What is Twitter?
Twitter is a community based website where users post what they are doing at any given moment. The concept is deceptively simple, wickedly addictive and pure fun. Tell friends, colleagues or strangers what you are snacking on, your current interests, favorite websites or just plain goofy nonsense!