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Online publishing got a whole lot simpler with Issuu

Issuu is an online portal for exploring a world of publications by people and publishers alike. Collect, share and publish in a format designed to make your documents look their very best.

Link on the image above and discover some of Black Sheep’s archived work, produced over the past few years. With more to follow in the coming weeks.


Evian Roller Babies are soooo cute!

Evian Roller Babies international version

baa! Black Sheep’s second T-shirt. Now available to buy from

Black Sheep‘s second T-shirt ‘baa!’ is now available to buy from
Available in both Pine & Ketchup.

Buy it now!…. Pleeeeaaase.

Black Sheep is a creative agency, smack dab in the bleating heart of Cardiff Bay – nothing wooly about that!
Providing strategic and creative thinking: Advertising Campaigns, Branding & Logo Design, Direct-Marketing, Brochures & Graphic Design through to Print Buying to clients in Cardiff, South Wales.

Twittering away and….

So I’ve been twittering away over the past few days and to my complete surprise I get an email notification that we’re been followed, a follower for my random ramblings then I look at the profile pic and info…. Check it out.

No pressure eh! He is following 3594 other twits.

Black Sheep bleatings & tweetings from the pen

We’ve finally joined all you twitterers out there! If somewhat still getting to grips with it, mostly through my iPhone, using TwitterFon & Twitterific (Not sure which one I’m going to settle with yet!)
So if you’d like to get a by the minute, blow by blow account of the really random and irrelevant thoughts and ramblings from the pen.

Then follow the flock @blacksheepwales

What is Twitter?
Twitter is a community based website where users post what they are doing at any given moment. The concept is deceptively simple, wickedly addictive and pure fun. Tell friends, colleagues or strangers what you are snacking on, your current interests, favorite websites or just plain goofy nonsense!

Steve’s World

Check out DesignYak

Written by Black Sheep Graphic Designer, Steve Leard. DesignYak discusses and features graphic design, branding, typography, books, visual communication and anything else that tickles his fancy.

Black Sheep on Veer

We got the nod this morning from Veer, a leading provider of stock photography, illustration and type, with a profile of our portfolio’s on their Ideas site.

Check it out our portfolios at

Veer, a leading provider of stock photography, illustration and type, has launched Veer Ideas ( — a social networking site where creatives and design lovers can create original content and connect. In addition to boasting design-related blogs and member portfolios, Veer Ideas features inspirational content from movies to interactive and dynamic pieces that allow creatives to create unique digital environments. Veer Ideas members can blend Veer type and imagery with their own artwork and copy.

Veer Ideas is an online creative playground. Those who join Veer Ideas can speak directly with other creatives, have access to extensive Veer archives and share their creativity and ideas with the Web community.