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Let’s be friends

We’ve finally gone and joined the social revolution that is Facebook. Check out the flock – past & present, our work, music taste via Last FM widget and post your creative, fun stuff and comments to our fun wall. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you, you may even bump into other like-minded creatives.

You’ll need to search for me ‘Neil Asher’ (with the Black Sheep Logo not personal photo) as businesses can’t register.
See you there!


BlackFM – pirate radio for sheep

To hear our fav tunes & what’s being listened to in the pen right now, just follow the link below.

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And about time too…

Its been a long time coming and like all sheep. We needed a dip. No fuss, no nonsense, just great creative that we’ve produced over the last 8 years. Don’t just look at the case studies, there’s loads of great creative produced for customers in both the public and private sector, big & small.

Generally though, its aim is to act as an archive of work produced by us since we began. We’ll keep updating regularly with new features, including: brands that we’ve created, web & interactive work. Plus, in an unconventional move, we don’t tend to show off the creative that didn’t get selected by a client or at pitch. Here, we’re going to let you see some of our favourite pieces that never saw the light of day.