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Tackling cancer at your local.

Men are dying of ignorance in Wales and are 70% more likely than women to die from cancer.

This June has been Male Cancer Awareness month and we’ve been getting the message out to Welsh men enjoying a pint in their local SA Brains’ pub with our ‘Tackle it!’ beer mats, encouraging men in Wales who are worried about cancer to get in touch with Tenovus via their Freephone number 0808 808 1010 and to engage with their health services and GP’s when they have any concerns rather that leaving it too late.

Find out more out Tackle it! here.
Find out more about Tenovus, Wales’ leading cancer charity here.

Above: Abseil Event Poster


Brands from the pen

From the Arts Council of Wales through to Tredegar House, Newport. Click on the image above to be magically transported to Issuu where you can see some of the brands we’ve created over the last 12 years.

Jack & the Giant Peaks

Black Sheep Account Director & co-owner, Jack Bland together with Nadine, Debs, Phil, Josh, RP, Jack, Sharon, Jill & David of Tenovus are joining forces this June to form Team Tenovus. They’re aiming to raise in excess of £2000 for the charity by competing in this year’s National 3 Peaks Challenge, climbing the highest peaks in England (Scafell Pike at 978m), Scotland (Ben Nevis at 1,343m) and Wales (Snowdon at 1,085m) within 24 hrs.
If you’d like to show your support for Team Tenovus, please visit their just giving page and please be generous!
Set up in 1943, Tenovus is Wales’ leading cancer charity that invests around £3.9 million pounds each year in pioneering cancer research, education and patient care.

Tenovus’ aims are simple: to prevent, treat and help find a cure for cancer. In doing that they offer support, advice and treatment for cancer patients and their families. Doing this where it is needed most, right at the heart of the community. They also carry out vital cancer research – in fact Tenovus funded scientists were the first to develop the use of Tamoxifen, now the world’s most successful breast cancer drug.

Enjoy Walking – keep walking

Every day thousands of people across Wales are benefiting from regular walks.

Recently Let’s Walk, a new Wales wide initiative developed in partnership with Sport Wales, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Countryside Council for Wales asked Black Sheep to produce an information pack aimed at people who lead/want to or co-ordinate a walking group. This pack offers a series of fact sheets based on the experience of co-ordinators of successful walking groups – the sort of challenges they faced, good ideas that helped them, the information they had to go and find for themselves.

Above: Oversized A4 Folder with 10mm capacity

Above: 6 A4, 8 page & 12 page fact sheets

These bilingually produced fact sheets, act as a signpost to useful information, both local and national.
Their aim: ‘Enjoy walking – keep walking’.

Tenovus ‘Tackle it!’ with Welsh football legend John Hartson

Tenovus, Wales’ leading cancer charity recently asked Black Sheep to name and brand their forthcoming awareness campaign about testicular cancer, targeted at Welsh men aged 25-60.

Our thinking: ‘Well, we all know that ‘Tackle’ has long since been used as a slang term for the male testes. We decided put it to good use with a positive call-to-action, that encourages men to cast off their inhibitions or embarrassment and check themselves out!’

This June, Tenovus’ aim is to get Welsh men to ‘know themselves and recognise that, if the symptoms they’re experiencing aren’t their norm, then they need to Tackle it! with a visit to their GP, as men in Wales are needlessly dying from embarrassment.

Fronted by Welsh football legend, John Hartson, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2009 and has since recovered, the campaign will kick off with events taking place during June 2010.

The campaign will also take on new ground for Tenovus, by utilising social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter. Which will hopefully be a more efficient way of virally spreading the word in a very cost effect way for the charity, where interested individuals will spread the word from friend to friend via referral.

Fans & followers will then get specific campaign information, share experiences and keep up-to-date with the events and fund raising opportunities, be able to upload photo’s of fund raising events & activities. Hold discussions about treatment and experiences.

It’s early days yet, but you can be sure there’ll be more to follow in the coming weeks.

Ignorance isn’t bliss!

Show your support by following the ‘Tackle it!’ campaign on Twitter and join the Facebook group to find out more about how we can Tackle it! together.

Case Study – The Arts Council of Wales

Way back in 2002, The Arts Council of Wales assigned Black Sheep to redesign their web site and develop an all Wales Arts Database, as well as rebrand the organisation across all media, from logo to letterhead, business cards, brand guidelines and annual publications.

Before we embarked on any creative work, it was important that Black Sheep defined exactly what it was The Arts Council stood for, why it exists and what it’s intent is in the market. To do this focus groups were held with staff and artists to find out stakeholder opinion on some of the issues mentioned above. We found that ACW is essentially a supporting organisation, working in partnership with the arts in order to support creativity in the areas it needs it most- geographically, socially and in certain areas of the arts either under developed or in most need of guidance and finance.

The resultant Corporate Concept, i.e. the reason the Arts Council exists was ‘Supporting Creativity’. This is The Arts Council’s prime function, to support and nurture creativity, so that it is expressed to it’s fullest. Research and interpretation also showed that the Arts Council work in partnership with artists and arts organisations throughout Wales.

The very simple Celtic knot in the identity made up of two circles representing the Arts Council and artists in partnership. Also the Celtic knot subtly depicts the origins of the organisation, rather than something too obvious and cliched like a dragon, the knot was used for a reason, to graphically, along with the Concept, express the true intent and essence of The Arts Council.

The new logo and resultant identity were then rolled out across all media, including the website which was completely redesigned and restructured, brand guidelines were devised so that any application of the ACW logo was consistent and not damaging to the brand in any way. The new identity was then rolled out through letterheads, business cards, exhibition banner stands, the Urdd, corporate literature including a 5 Year Arts Development Strategy launched at the National Assembly and the Annual Report, a flagship publication highly acclaimed in the arts world.

Within this case study you can see how we have achieved a consistent and strong brand through all media by adhering to the brand guidelines, this includes exhibition stands, Annual Reports, Supporting Creativity – the 5 Year Arts Development Strategy and other supporting literature.

Above: ACW’s 1st conference identity

Above: Promoting Art in Newport

Above: A5 facts & figures booklet

Above: A5 facts & figures booklet: spread detail

Above: ACW Annual Report 02/03

Above: ACW Annual Report 02/03, spread

ACW Annual Report 02/03, financials

ACW Annual Report 01/02, cover

Above: ACW Annual Report 01/02, spread

Above: ACWs quarterly magazine ‘Crefft’

Above: ACWs quarterly magazine ‘Crefft’, spread

Above: ACWs quarterly magazine ‘Crefft’, cover detail

Above: ACW Annual Report 03/04, cover detail

Above: ACW Annual Report 02/03, throw-out

Above: ACW Annual Report 03/04, spread

Above: ACW Annual Report 03/04, spread

Above: ACW Annual Report 03/04, spread

Black Sheep get their first mention in Design Week

Its taken 12 years and finally, we get a mention in this weeks edition of Design Week, for our rebranding of Welsh Athletics who have relaunched their website.

Here’s the transcript, taken from the Design Week website.
Welsh Athletics will unveil a new website designed by Precedent this week in an attempt to make the organisation appear more inclusive and inspire involvement from schools, coaches and professional athletes. The consultancy was tasked with ’echoing the reform and modernisation’ of Welsh Athletics and demonstrating the organisation’s development objectives.

Welsh Athletics is the official governing body for athletes in Wales, with 6000 registered athletes and 70 associated clubs. It aims to ’inspire the young’, attract support and develop grassroots athletics through a strong club network. The ’real-life hopes and dreams of all aspiring and practising athletes’ will be uploaded through social media feeds, to ’emphasise their ongoing involvement in the community’, says Jo Goodwin, Precedent’s lead consultant on the project.

’Welsh Athletics has already got a fantastic Flickr page, so we brought that through to the home page,’ adds Goodwin, who says that YouTube and RSS feeds will drive traffic to the site and make the most of existing content. Clutter was a problem on the old site, says Goodwin, but the new site aims to present a ’crisp, clean and professional’ look, using a navigation banner on the home page to organise content.

Welsh Athletics aims to use the site to ’maximise opportunity’ ahead of the 2012 Olympic and 2014 Commonwealth Games. The site is expected to launch on 13 April. Precedent’s work draws on a new Welsh Athletics identity, which was designed by Welsh consultancy Black sheep and launched in September 2008.

This design replaced a traditional Welsh ’three feathers’ marque with a symbol developing the feathers into ’the three lanes of a track or the steps of a podium’, says Black Sheep creative director Neil Asher. ’We wanted to show patriotism, pride and heritage with a modern slant,’ says Asher, whose consultancy lost out to Precedent in the website pitch.

A spokesperson for Welsh Athletics confirms that Cardiff-based Sugar, Hampshire based Pixel Scene and Northamptonshire-based Nemisys were also involved in the pitch.